UK PM gives speech after leaving hospital

2022-07-10 UK conference: over 10,000 deaths and contact tracing app WHO warns of resurgence if lockdown eased 'too soon' Fire raging near Ukraine's Chernobyl poses radiation risk, say activists WHO chief confident US will continue to help virus fight Turkey to release thousands of prisoners amid outbreak Pandemic poses challenge to students abroad UK seeks ways to step up testing No casualties in building fire in Moscow: Local media European nations tighten rules for Easter holiday Spain allows some companies to reopen Spain begins relaxing restrictions Britain's GDP may fall up to 30%: Reports Putin, Trump, King Salman support OPEC+ agreement Russia may use military resources to fight COVID-19: Putin Europe infections near 900,000, France extends lockdown UK lockdowd could continue for at least 3 weeks France's coronavirus deaths reach 14,393, ICU cases continue to decrease IMF executive board approves immediate debt relief for 25 countries UK PM gives speech after leaving hospital